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OK, let's begin with a resume of the story of The Ebonivories.:

"The Start of the change."

About 300.000 sweeps before the birth of the Singless, a strange sickness started to spread through all Alternia, infecting trolls randomly and without knowing what was the cause. This sickness would attack one troll out of 50, so it wasn't too important for the empire. The trolls that got infected would start to suffer from light fevers and headaches at the age of 5 sweeps, this would only last a week, and the sickness would dissapear, then at the 7 sweeps, the second wave would come, with more stronger fevers, headaches and heart problems too. Again this would last only a week, and if the troll survived they would start seeing some changes on them, starting by their skin loosing or gaining more pigmentations (depending if they are black or white) and their blood would also gain more color, making it darker or loosing it, making it more light.  Then, at the age of 9, when they reach adulthood, the worst part of the sickness comes. Just like the others, the troll would get very high fevers, headaches, dizziness, internal pains and their blood would loose all pigmentation (if they are white) or gain so much pigmentation that the blood will turn black.

"The Ebonivory tribe and bleeding flowers."

Later on, the trolls that suffered from this sickness and were shunned down, were going to be united as a tribe by a troll that went with the name of Dreemy Elysus (the Noctamble), who gathered as many white and black bloods he could find while documenting the strange sickness and his own Black blooded state.

The tribe grew larger in numbers and took refuge in a dangerous forest. The Shining forest. This place was filled with strange glowing flowers of five petals connected by black vines that curled and tangled all around the trees with black leafs and white trunks. This flowers were deadly for trolls, since they sucked the blood of anyone that touched the flowers or the vines. But strangely, this plants didn't seem to sence the ebonivories. That's why it became the safest place for the tribe.

"The Massacre"

As time went by, the ebonivory grew and split in different tribes, spreading to different points of Alternia, yet, the largest community still resided on the Shining forest. But the empire, specially the subjugglators became restless about this new type of blood. That's why they started to hunt them down. Later on, with the rebellion of the singless, the empire feared that they would find powerful allies with the Ebonivories, who proved to be a well trained, functional civilization. Thus the "Big Hunt" begun, and the ebonivories were diven to almost extinction. Only a few linages survived because they could hid their blood colors well. But the sickness was still there, so the empire put the drones in a mode that, as soon as a troll started to show the signs of the sickness, it would be culled.

MANY SWEEPS LATER - we start with the FS story:

"The founders of the rampage"

Maaaaaaaaaaaany sweeps later, in the same Shining forest, Ditich Detter (the Dreamer), the last decendant of the linage of Dreemy Elysus, starts to show signs of the sickness. His moirail, Zurell Vintal (The Fearbringer - captain of the Rampage) comes to his aid and together they set out away from the forest in hopes to find a cure, since more than a week has happened and Ditich still suffers the headaches and fevers. They find many friends and enemies and manage to locate the jornual of Dreemy.

Time passes and Ditich's sickness is cointained but still there. When he's approaching the 9 sweeps, and having turned almost Black, Zurell comes with the plan to get a small spaceship and take Ditich away from Alternia before the drones come. They sucessfuly manage to do this task and set out towards a planet Dreemy had talked about on his jornual. But upon reaching it, Ditich's healt becomes worse and to keep him alive, he's put into a deep slumber.

"The Bet of the gods."

At the same time this happens, in another dimenssion, two gods make a bet. Destiny and Fate had their eyes on this strange sickness that only has happened in one of the million different universes of Alternia. Seeing their equalty system, Destiny falls in love with this new kind of trolls, while fate disregards their existance. Maybe his jealousy is what drives him to make a bet once they realize that they Rampage crew has reached Xerna, where one of the most powerful artifacts of the god's was hidden by the ebonivory tribe.

Going back in time, Fate and Destiny choose a knight to represent them. The two pick the same troll, Jarret Pyroet, but from two different timelines. They give their knights the hability to travel through time and dimenssions, but with the condition that they can't change anything, nor future, nor past. If they do, for each time they changed something, their bodies would crack like marbel, and when the offences reached a certain point, they would crumble and die. But if they didn't broke the rules, they could be immortals, only capable of die if they were struck by the Bow of Destiny, the Sword of Fate or the Dagger of Death. Each of the knights agreed to aid the gods, and set out to rendevous with the trolls that they knew that would shape the future.

At the same time, the gods went to claim the aid of another god. Death. They wanted to be able to bring trolls back from death. Reclutant, and because he owed them, Death agreed to give them a way to bring trolls back. Then for each troll revived, depending in which faction they ended, a life orb would go to the knights. The rampage had the Fateless and the dominion had Judge. Each would become slightly stronger than the other with each orb, and, if they wanted, they could controll a troll with said orbs.

"The War."

Upon hearing that fateless crew had already reached Alternia, Judge, who had gained so much power that he became the New Empress moirail, convinced her to send the Dominion to hunt down the rebels. The Empress agreed and Zelius and his crew were sent to hunt and kill the rebels.

On the other hand, the Rampage found in the northen continent of the planet a strange temple that raised five floors up, with a round door on the floor of the top. After struggling for a while, they found out that the ruins were left behind by Ditich's linage and that inside there was something powerful. But in order to enter, 3 things were needed, Black blood, white blood and 30 keys made of crystals that shined and changed colors upon touch. Each key opened each of the 30 floors, 25 of them went deep underground. But the keys were scattered not only on Xerna, but some fell in the hands of highbloods that had killed ebonivories that had held them.

In addition with the crystals, each floor had especifications in how to open them. Some needed black blood, other white and other needed a mix of each blood with an specific color.

When the dominion learned about this 'artifact', Judge convinced the captain to obtain it first.

Thus the war between the two ships begun.

AND NOOOOOOOOOW - this is where your trolls comes in:

"The revived ones."

At the same time the war started, in the medical bay of each ship, trolls from different timelines (past, present and future) started to appear, with no memories of how they got there or about their past lives. In the Rampage, they would be given the option to leave if they did not wish to fight alongside the rebellion... on the Dominion, they would be forced to enlist and join the war, memories or not.

With time, and under different circumstances, the memories would return... or be forever lost.
And with each revived troll, a life orb would appear in posession of either Judge or Fateless.

It's possible that the only memory they had was about meeting a strange, longhaired, hornless troll in a pure white room with two doors, each one with one of the symbols of the ships. This entity would introduce themself as The Timeless, and he would ask him if they were satisfied with the life they had lead and if they were ok with dying. If the answer was not, then he would give them a second chance, making them  choose between the two doors.

But memories of this event were blurry and easy to forget.


LASTLYYYYY... the events so far:

"Greetings and meetings"

Usually, if a troll is a newly revived, upon waking up their owner can ask for a rp where your trolls is greeted by someone who explains what has happened to him and gives a small round up of how things works on the ship, a mini tour, and the directions of their rooms. ((in the dominion the trolls are asked a few questions and their blood gets tested).

"Events so far."

So far, the story revolves around the temple, so most of our events will be about hunting down keys, passing trials, fighting eachother and going to the temple.

1 - The count of the keys found are:

-Rampage: 2
-Dominion: 4

As for the Doors of the Temple that had been opened, only the first three floors are open and free to roam.... beware of the traps tough!

2 - As for the status of the ships....

-The Rampage's helmsmans were taken by the Dominion and the ship suffered major damages and it's now straneded on a coast. At least 50 floors are underwater, along with all the ships on the hangar bay, the second armory, some supply rooms, engine rooms and laboratories. There's no acces there unless you're a seadweller... Oh, and the ship is filled with Bleeding flowers (the ones that suck blood upon contact with them)

-The Dominion, who was about to strike down the fallen ship, was called back by the empress ((motive still unknown)) But they left behind a lot of troops to attack from the ground and underwater bases.

-The Nova station...... remains neutral and full of life.

-The Satiate.... has landed and hid underwater and their crew is on the hunt for new slaves.

3 -  The planet bases:

The Rampage.... has a total of 11 bases. 3 located on the central contient (in a swampy forest, a frozen mountain tops, and underground in the praire) 4 on the souther coasts (3 of them are at elast two days away from the other and one is more inland, five days away from the other.... on foot of course) 2 are on each pole of the planet, 1 is in a tropical island with a volcan and only one is underwater, on the shores of the largest lake of the eastern continent <--- this being the main one.

The dominion has only eight bases, 3 of them inland (a swamp, a thick, foggy forest and underground in a desert. And 5 of them undewater (deep, deep in the sea and two more by the coast... one is on sight of the fallen Rampage).

The Nova did had a small market on the planet, but now it's a ghost town.

The Satiate uses their own ship as a base.


NOW, TO FINISH WITH THIS.... some rules:

"About ebonivories."

keep in mind that they are nearly extinct!! on the brink one would say.
While some ebonies, who were known to be the warriors/hunters of the tribe, might have managed to survive more than the Ivories, they still are very few (ask before adding and make a good story about how they managed to survive) And as for Ivories, they were more hunted than the Ebonies, and thus, finding Ivories is waaaaaaaay more harder ((definitively ask if you can make one join!!!!)
Also, no black or white blood can be born like that!!
To be of any of those bloods, the troll must need to have survived the sickness, wich kills 7 out of 10 trolls!!
Also, Ivories tend to be the ones with more psionic based powers, while ebonies tend to have more physical traits or powers that enhace their strenght, speed, etc.
As for the lifespawns, it really depends on the blood that they had previously.
Red, yellow, green, teal and somethimes fuschia (this last one rarely) tend to become white (not always, there are exceptions)
Brown, blue, indigo and seadweller purple tend to become black (again, not always, there are special cases)

"The revived ones."

Not all revived trolls need to be new on the ships.
The rampage has been around alternia for at least... let's say, 5 sweeps. In those 5 sweeps, your troll could have been revived and regained their memories. It probably has a steady job too.
Same with the Dominion, guys.
Just keep in mind that you can't revive the same troll twice! There can be two of the same troll on the FS timeline... this means that the original troll of the one you revived from the FS timeline either died or hasn't been born.
Both decendants and ancestors can be revived, but they usually end up in different factions.
You must always ask before adding a new troll!!

"The Events."

From now on, the events will have deadlines to post your parts.
After i post the intro, everyone will have 3 to 4 days to reply before i move on and post again.
In some cases, if the event is about a battle or hunt or something dangerouns, and you forgot to specify before the deadline that you could be skipped, your troll will be either badly wounded, captured, or in the worst cases.... killed.
So try to check the event often!

The order of the past, present and upcoming event is this:

Arrival: Soooo Done. <<--- here the rampage got a crystal.
The Dominion: Unfinished. <<--- here the dominion got their crystals.
The labyrith: Done <--- the rampage got a crystal and the dominion stole it.

Some mini events happened, and then

The dominion kidnapps the Helmsmans. <<--- some trolls die....
The Rampage goes down <<----- OTL many npc deaths.....
The Satiate arrives <<----- here is where we are!! (trolls can die or be enslaved)

Survival for dummies <<---- the Rampage crew is forced to do some manteniance on the ship, put up defences against the nearby base and hunt look for food/supplies. (they are likely to get lost or be atacked by beasts)
Assassins just want to have fun <<---- some of the dominion trolls go in a hunt for rampage survivors (injuries and death can happen... the satiate trolls can hunt the dominion ones too)
Attack on the coast base <<---- The Rampage takes down the Dominion base (trolls can die)
The misterious forest <<----- crystal event!!
Retrival of the Hypocrite <<------ The satiate sents trolls to an imperial base where the Dominion left the captain of the Satiate.
Rescue <<---- the Rampage waits untill the dominion is away from the empire but not near xerna to bring back their missing crewmates.
The treason <<---- Upon loosing two times, the crew of the Dominion plans a coup to take Zelius and his most trusted officers away from the command of the Dominion... ((trolls can switch sides to the rampage or flee along Zelius and his friends))

Truth revealed <<----- some truth about Fateless, Judge and the gods are reavealed to the Rampage crew (battle against fateless happens) and Zelius and company join the rampage.

..... The rest is still being planed :D .....


I think that's all so far....


See ya peeps!
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